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Introductory Programs

Fast-track your success and amplify your potential with these strategy-driven EEI introductory programs.

Personal Growth & Development Certification

Ever wanted to grow as an individual and explore the exciting possibilities of your own personal development?

Career Advancement Certifications

Are you looking to advance your career, get a promotion or earn more money?

Smarter Business Solutions Certification

Are you a startup, small, medium or established business looking for smarter business solutions?

In House Training/Coaching

Are you looking for Hi Tech - Hi Touch In House Training and Coaching for your Team?

Keynote Speaking

EEI have access to world leading conference speakers who specialise in the key topics of the Business Growth Parthenon.

Corporate Retreats

Take your team away for an incredibly powerful Whole-of-person, whole-of-business retreat.

Master of Ceremonies

Hire a qualified, passionate Master of Ceremonies for your next corporate event.

Freedom Coaching

Are you ready for a change in your life or career where you want to guide, teach, help, coach, empower and enrich the lives of others?

Become An Affiliate Coach

Fulfil your passion for mentoring and coaching others to transform their lives, empower their careers and grow their business by joining our team as a Certified Affiliate Coach.

Become A Franchisee Coach

Do you want to create a domino effect of incremental change? Make Coaching and Empowering Others Your Business.